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Global Youth Green Internship

Just having a degree is not enough to secure a job;

95% of employers prefer candidates with internship experience over fresher ones.

So, it's always better to have good professional internship experience.

About Internship.

The Global Youth Green Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for new graduates to gain professional work experience and develop digital skills. This internship offers the chance to work on real projects, allowing participants to gain practical knowledge while enjoying the flexibility of working from home.






Six Months


Skill Building

Practicing Professional and Digital Skills makes you master of that skills and help you in your career growth.

Professional Work Experience

Working on live project helps you to gain full professional experience of Planning to Execution.

Resume Building

Showcasing proven track record and professional work experience helps you building strong resume.

For Freshers,

  • Looking for professional work experience.

  • Confused about where to start a career?

  • Not confident about a job interview.

  • Has nothing to tell about their achievements.

For Students,

  • Struggling to choose the right career.

  • Has skills but is not sure about the results.

  • Want to practice their skills on real projects

  • Has Time but does not have an opportunity.

For Whom?


Own Laptop / PC

Must have laptop/PC with a stable Internet connection.

Commitment for 6 months

Have to commit 3 hrs daily for 6 months

Meeting Attendance

Attendance to daily meetings is mandatory.

[IMP NOTE - This is an UNPAID Internship, Which means it does NOT have any economic benefit]

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