who we are

Youth is the only hope to lead this world towards sustainability, we are already late to take action to stop climate change,

GY4ES is a network of Global Young Leaders building the capacity of youth for Climate and SDGs Advocacy through Awareness, Education and Reachout. Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge of our time. Human activities have already warmed the planet relative to pre-industrial times. We are experiencing its effects through record heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and flooding. If we continue to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, the planet will be warm by two degrees, by 2050 - the threshold that many scientists have identified as a dangerous tipping point. as a youth we feel threatened about our future, so now we are taking control, we are in charge of the future and the partners of today, this is our world, our voices should be heard by global leaders.

what we do


we organise conferences, capacity building workshops to raise awareness about Climate change and SDGs 


we run short term online courses and certificate courses for the focused Climate advocate training


We reach out to youth to start communication and dialogues on real-world challenges like a climate change


We help our partners to build their community, build their capacity and increase their reach out for more Impact.



'The world with sustainable Lifestyle'

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''Activating youth for advocacy for climate action and SDGs through Awareness, Education and Outreach" 

Meet The Team


Mr Vinayak Salunkhe

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Founder President, GY4ES.

Assistant Professor for Environmental Science

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Ms Pranita Herwade

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Freelance Content Writer and

Science Communicator

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Mr Rahul Samleti

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Warehouse Corporation India

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Ms Chandni Rupani

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Environmental Activist

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