“Climate Change”

Climate change is the vast alteration of temperature and weather patterns in any considered location or the whole planet due to the variations in climatic conditions. which are observed due to rotation and revolution of the planet and it is a slow process. Being a trending issue of the current time, from drastic weather patterns to rising sea levels that increase the risk of flooding, the impacts of climate change are worldwide in scope and an unpredictable fashion. The unpredictable modification in Earth’s climate is due to the drastic change in geographical and biological factors associated with the Earth system. Along with the atmosphere various other geological, chemical, biological, and geographic factors of the Earth system contribute to a suitable environment for living organisms.

Causes of Climate change:

The cause of current climate change is mostly concerned for human activities like the burning of fossil fuels, oils, improper mining which directly affects the geological factors of the system. The combustion of oils, fuels emits a large amount of heat which gets trapped into the atmosphere which ultimately increases the temperature of the planet. This rise in temperature of the planet is called GLOBAL WARMING. The harmful gases emitted from automobiles, factories, hazardous chemicals, improper dumping of waste lead to the pollution which increments the effect of global warming and directly affects the elements of the earth system which ultimately affects the climate.

Effects of Climate change:

Due to changes in climatic conditions, the weather patterns are unpredictable which makes it difficult to maintain and cultivate crops in a region that depends on farming due to uneven and non-seasonal rainfall and hence affects the vegetation. Climate change has also connected with other weather events like hurricanes, floods, storms, etc. In the polar region, there’s a rise in sea level due to the melting of glaciers because of the elevated temperature which has begun to damage the coastline and increase the chances of flooding and erosion. The drastic change in climatic conditions affects every biological life present, but as we are aware it is not a natural act, everything around us whether living or non-living are interconnected to each other and goes through a process to maintain a sustainable environment called as life cycle, disturb one of the entire cycles gets unbalanced and takes decades to restore. Deforestation, destructive mining, pollution, etc. are the events that disturb the life cycle and ultimately affect climatic change.

According to facts from conservation international, an increase in carbon dioxide content was observed up to 416 parts per million as of May 2020 and it was the highest recorded to date. It also mentioned that NASA data showed that 2019 was found to be the second warmest year on record that occurred since 2015. As per the forest report, it was observed that on an average rate 15.3 trees are chopped down every year which leads to deforestation and ultimately rise in greenhouse gases which contribute to 11% of emissions with an additive to emissions from factories and transport.

Although the report of conservation international also highlighted the fact that 189 countries have signed the 2015 Paris Agreement, agreeing to limit global warming and adapt to climate change, partly by protecting nature which will be an initiative for a better environment. To date, the natural resources were handled roughly, which showed an immense effect on climate change. Now we are ought to preserve them so that the ecological balance is maintained and so the climate change.






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