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ClimateQuest: Navigating Challenges, Cultivating Solutions, and Shaping Tomorrow

Navigating Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change: A Socio-Economic Perspective. Organised by Project Urvi in Collaboration with the Economics Club Fergusson College and GY4ES.ORG

ClimateQuest: Navigating Challenges, Cultivating Solutions, and Shaping Tomorrow
ClimateQuest: Navigating Challenges, Cultivating Solutions, and Shaping Tomorrow

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Emergent Climate concerns, limits our perspective about climate change as a scientific development. However, Climate change is a multi-faceted phenomenon with diverse socio-economic implications. This Competition aims at addressing several social and economic challenges posed by climate change like gender impact, displacements, climatic events, food security etc.

About the Organisers:

Project Urvi:

Project Urvi is an initiative under the flagship of Academia for Sustainable  Development aimed at raising awareness of Climate Change's Disproportionate Impact on  the Global South.  Urvi's Mission is to conduct academic research on combating the exacerbating effects of  climate change in Developing Countries. Additionally, we strive to emphasize climate  change's economic, social, and political implications. Our goal at Urvi is to mitigate the  impact of climate change on human capital, food security and public health through a social  science perspective.  Hinged with this aim, we also seek to facilitate passionate individuals to act towards  climate change. We actively avail internship, apprenticeship and fellowship opportunities  in Sustainable Development and Social Impact on our Website and LinkedIn.

Economics Club of Fergusson College:

The Economics Club of Fergusson College is a student body committed to  development of academic rigour and skill relevant to Economics. ECF addresses a  range of topics related to economics and financial literacy. Our activities include  organizing seminars, awareness programs, academic engagement and discussions on  various economic issues.  We believe that, Economics being an interdisciplinary and multi-faceted domain,  advocating effects of economic events on common life is essential. We provide  valuable resource for students interested in economics and related fields.


  • Institutional Challenges to Climate change in the World
  • Agriculture, food security, and technology in the context of climate change
  • Climate Migrations as a socio-economic challenge
  • Climate crisis and gender perspective: unveiling the intersectionality
  • Funding the future: Innovative approaches to climate finance

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your Extended Abstracts/Research Papers by 15th Feb
  • 250-300 words long
  • No fees are charged for submitting the Abstract
  • Research Paper be 1500-4000 words long
  • Paper Presentation Fees: Individual- Rs 150; Team- Rs 200
  • Mail your Abstracts at 

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Contact No: +91 7620642458

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